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Battle Sports

Explore how our multi-channel online marketing and content strategy propelled Battle Sports to exceptional growth.
Base3Group - Battle Case Study


The primary goal was to accelerate brand awareness and site ecommerce revenue cost effectively.


The business had, in recent years, experienced a great deal of retail and site organic sales growth, but wanted to dramatically accelerate this growth in 2023. In addition, the sales environment for their products became increasingly competitive all while the US economy experienced significant pressures from inflation.


We developed a multi-channel online marketing and content strategy to drive own-site sales. The key components of the strategy included:
  • Promotional Programming: An extensive promotional calendar was implemented, producing incremental events, traffic, and sales revenue throughout the year. This included search and social media copy, static and video ads implementation.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging a strong organic social presence and the power of Instagram and Facebook advertising, we implemented category-specific campaigns to drive sales and ROAS with their core audiences. We also successfully launched Battle’s first TikTok campaigns.
  • Search Campaigns: Powered by Google & YouTube, we implemented Branded Search, Non-Branded Search, Competitive Search, Display Retargeting, Demand Gen, and Performance Max campaigns to drive own-site sales and ROAS. We also tapped into additional potential by launching the brand’s first Bing Search campaigns.


The implementation of our marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for Battle in the first three-quarters of 2023:
  • Significant Increase in Google Ad Revenue & ROAS: Through our marketing efforts, Base3Group drove a +12% increase in Google ad revenue at over a $2.00 ROAS overall. This is on top of a significant revenue base driven by our Google advertising campaigns the prior year.
  • Exceptional Increase in Social Ad Revenue Growth & ROAS: In addition, as Google ad scalability slowed, Base3Group drove a +500% increase in Social Ad revenue at over a $2.00 ROAS overall. This channel and revenue growth was entirely incremental to the business in 2023.

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