we take an outcomes approach to digital marketing.

Base3Group is a digital marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, original content, and SEO.



Base3Group is not the typical digital agency. We dive deep into your brand, market, and competitive set. We deliver rapid return with long-term growth. We understand EBITDA implications – not just ROI and ROAS. We know what’s it like to be responsible for managing multi-million dollar campaigns and budgets, while constantly being measured against the P&L and other brand goals.

We won’t drop superfluous data into your inbox. We provide you with insights and trends from the data and deliver actionable plans focused on increasing lifetime customer value and brand growth. We are customer-focused, we challenge the status quo, and we hold nothing back.

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strategy, user experience, brand auditing, market research, competitive analysis, merchandising


original content, digital creative, website design, copywriting, landing pages, infographics, photography, video production, email


SEO, local search, analytics, paid search, paid social, display, onsite search, search experience, audience building, media planning

our method:

At Base3Group, we believe that success is the outcome of strategic planning, creative thinking, and technical execution. Our Engagement By Design philosophy delivers on our agency promise of connection and scale by applying our expertise to a custom approach based on business outcomes.

Every project begins with Brand Strategy. We perform brand audits, market research, and competitive analyses to gauge current levels of digital performance, baseline consumer engagement, and customer satisfaction. Our Original Content matches audience expectations and compels meaningful engagement, while maintaining brand voice and aesthetic. Customer Experience is at the heart of what we do. We deploy every strategy with the purpose of creating a lasting memory. Our mission is to create meaningful brand experiences that drive connection and scale for our clients. This method is built to deliver on that promise. Every time.


the outcomes for our clients:


Our work is focused on engaging your audience in a way that ensures action and recall.


Our build >> test >> optimize approach creates long-term value while maximizing short-term success.

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