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Learn how Base3Group’s strategic approach led to a phenomenal +276% increase in overall brand revenue for BravoWalk.
Base3Group - BravoWalk Case Study


The main objectives were to boost brand recognition and efficiently increase revenue from both the website and Amazon’s e-commerce platform.


Introducing a brand-new concept to the world, the brand featured an innovative high-tech dog collar designed to train dogs not to pull on their leash during walks. The primary communication hurdle involved conveying this cutting-edge technology in a straightforward manner to dog owners already familiar with traditional methods.


We designed and developed a new Shopify site, optimized Amazon product listings, and built out a multi-channel online marketing and content strategy to drive own-site and Amazon sales. The key components of the strategy included: New Website: Collaborating closely with the client team, we engaged in the development of fresh creative assets and the restructuring of brand architecture and communication hierarchy. This strategic effort was promptly put into action for the design and construction of a new Shopify store.
  • New Amazon Product Listings & Advertising: The progress in brand development was further utilized to craft new product listings and A+ content on Amazon, featuring entirely new copywriting and creative elements. Additionally, we implemented complementary Amazon Ads to enhance the overall strategy.
  • Search Media Campaigns: Employing Google and YouTube, we initiated essential campaigns, including Non-Branded Search, Branded Search, Demand Generation, and Performance Max, aimed at boosting on-site sales and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The Non-Branded Search campaign played a crucial role in the brand’s early success, addressing the problem-solution dynamic of dogs pulling on their leash.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Harnessing the power of Instagram and Facebook, we executed fresh prospecting and retargeting campaigns for the brand launch, with the goal of driving sales and maximizing ROAS. Additionally, a vigorous organic engagement initiative was integrated into the strategy.


The implementation of this comprehensive marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for BravoWalk in 2023:
  • Significant Increase in Overall Brand Revenue: Through our website, Amazon, and marketing efforts, Base3Group drove a +276% increase in overall brand revenue v YAG in Q2/Q3 of 2023.
  • Tremendous Increases in Ad Revenue Growth & New Customer Penetration: Base3Group achieved a remarkable +237% increase in attributed ad revenue, maximizing effectiveness in driving brand growth via new customer acquisition and penetration. Given the nature of the product, virtually all customers are new customers of the brand.

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