Case Study

Gina B Designs

See how we propelled Gina B Designs to new heights with a 400% increase in first-time buyers and a 100% increase in site performance.
Base3Group - Gina B Designs Case Study


The primary goal was to accelerate online brand awareness, penetration, and ecommerce revenue at a cost-effective and scalable rate.


The business had, for almost 40 years, been primarily an in-store retail and distribution company with limited online presence on their own site and Amazon.


We developed a multi-channel digital marketing and content strategy to drive own-site and Amazon sales. The key components of the strategy included:
  • Engaging Content Creation: A robust content creation strategy was implemented, producing engaging and relevant content across platforms. This included search and social media copy, static and video ads.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging the power of Instagram and Facebook, we implemented targeted campaigns to drive awareness and sales with our core audiences. This drove penetration with first time buyers and enhanced engagement with existing customers.
  • Search Media Campaigns: Powered by the reach of Google and YouTube, we implemented both Search and Performance Max campaigns to drive awareness, sales, and shopping. This allowed us to capture intent-based shoppers and build transactions and revenue with largely first-time buyers.
  • Website UX Optimization & Landing Pages: We created a new navigation structure to help customers find products and categories more efficiently. We also designed and developed two new landing pages with a streamlined user experience, allowing customers to browse an extensive catalog easily.


The implementation of this comprehensive marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for Gina B Designs:
  • 400% + Significant Increase in Penetration & First Time Buyers:  Through our marketing efforts, Base3Group drove 332 new customers via the website. This is an increase of almost +400% in first-time buyers and over +300% in first-time revenue versus the previous period. With Gina B’s already strong rate of repeat, these new customers promise an extensive lifetime value.
  • Overall Site Performance Skyrocketed +100%: During the same period, Base3Group also drove an increase of over 100% in total site customers, orders, and revenue, including both first-time buyers and existing customers.

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