Case Study


Discover how our media strategy helped Vidgo acquire nearly 8,000 new subscribers in a single month at a sustainable cost per acquisition.
Base3Group - Vidgo Case Study


The primary goal was to increase brand awareness, consideration, and new subscriber aquisition.


The business operates in the highly competitive online streaming and original content space. This market includes original content providers such as Hulu or Paramount+, live TV services like YouTubeTV, and value-based live streamers including Philo and SlingTV.


We developed a search-based marketing and content strategy to drive site traffic and new subscriber acquisition. The key components of the strategy included:
  • Targeted Audience Identification: Utilizing advanced analytics, we identified priority target audiences, ensuring that marketing efforts were directed toward those most likely to convert.
  • Search Media Campaigns: Leveraging Google, we implemented a multi-pronged Search strategy to drive new subscribers with all key target audiences. We also overlaid a Performance Max catch-all campaign to drive higher funnel awareness and consideration.
  • Social Media Campaigns: With Meta, we implemented targeted campaigns to drive awareness and sales with their core audiences. This included extensive new subscriber prospecting campaigns and retargeting of potential site visitors and social engagers.
  • Website UX Optimization: We enhanced Vidgo’s website user experience by implementing strategic optimizations, ensuring clarity and spotlighting prominent calls to action for an improved and streamlined user journey.


The implementation of this extensive marketing strategy yielded exceptional results for Vidgo:
  • Significant New Site Traffic & Consideration: Base3Group’s marketing efforts drove almost 400,000 visitors to the site in September 2023, an increase of +400% versus the prior month. Vidgo consideration was also excellent with a 98% engagement rate.
  • Effective & Efficient New Subscriber Acquisition:  The hallmark of this initiative was new subscriber numbers. Base3Group drove nearly 8,000 new subscribers in a single month at a very sustainable cost per acquisition. While advertising performance was vital, our UX optimizations helped bolster an excellent 2.2% conversion rate (over a 200% increase over the same period).

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